Monday, September 27, 2010

A round about issue-

What has happened to the US?  Who decided that we need traffic circles?  – AKA Round-abouts.  Shouldn’t we understand how they function prior to installing them?  

Today I saw a massive bus-length work truck driven by a city employee yield inside the circle to a tractor 15 yards away from the circle entry  Mind blowing…sort of.  The same city workers that installed the circle, drove the truck, and spelled Yield wrong in massive painted letters.  Excellent work. 

You have the IQ of Teddy Ruxpin and we let you dig great big holes in the earth in the center of roads.  Sweet. 

Getting back to the truck driver, it’s perplexing how he missed the huge painted Yield letters or the informative Yield sign placed at each of the 4 round-about entrances.  See the theory is, you get in when it’s safe, and then get the F out as quickly as possible.  However Mr. Ruxpin with his warped sense of courtesy, waves a tractor (not exactly a nimble Porsche) into the circle, and waits stopped in the road while the tractor navigates awkwardly out of the circle.  If my mouth weren’t completely agape I’d have yelled. 

Morning rush hour too so one direction backed up while this transpired.  Thanks city.  Now the road actually takes longer to traverse. 

Locals have put up posters asking everyone to sign a petition to remove the round-abouts.  Yet another classic example of wasted city money.  Apparently all the pot holes and crime has been eradicated in Long Beach now.  Thank God.  It’s nice to have this spare time and money for pet projects like side street traffic circles lined in brick.  I think the city could be just as functional, safe, and maintained if instead the city workers stayed home each day and the mayor smoked money outside city hall.

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